Game Review: Minecraft

I have this unbelievable habit of jumping on the bandwagon super late.

With Minecraft, I’ve been playing it for all of a year? But it came out in 2009.


So after the insistence of my friend Nige to get this game, I finally bought it a late last year. Haven’t worked out whether it was because I actually wanted to play it, or whether it was to shut him up.

A little from column A, and a little from column B perhaps?

It didn’t take me long to get addicted. Once I realized I could build a farm, that was it. I was hooked. Don’t ask me why, but I freaking love growing stuff! Actually I think it’s a sickness as I like to watch the wheat grow in Farming Simulator.

Look Ma! I Growed stuff!

Look Ma! I Growed stuff!

Basically, you start out in the middle of nowhere. You have nothing on you. Usually for some reason you spawn on the side of a hill. Just make sure you don’t fall as you’ll die, and then respawn somewhere completely different. That is a major pain in the butt.

First thing you need to do is make yourself some tools. How do you do that I hear you ask? Well you walk up to a tree and start hitting it with your fist until it removes a chunk of the tree. Keep doing this enough and you get a nice pile of wood. Then you enter the world of crafting … dun dun DAAAAAAA. From the wood you craft wood planks, from the wood planks you can craft sticks, and then with the planks and sticks you can make firstly a crafting table (you need this to craft most other things) and weapons, but make sure you keep enough of the wood planks to build yourself a shelter for night time.

Ahhhh night time. When the evil mobs come out. A mob is a group of creatures within Minecraft. They can be passive, neutral, tameable or hostile. Passive mobs are villagers, and various animals through the game. The chickens (that actually look like ducks), pigs (which squeal when you kill them), cows and more. These guys won’t harm you if attacked. The neutral mobs will harm you if you attack them, and are wolves, zombie pigmen and the scary Endermen (I’ll talk more about him later). Tameable are creatures that you can tame (oh derr Cupcake), and these are the ocelot, wolf and the horse. And lastly the hostile mobs. These are the ones that see you and attack, and these are the buggers that come out at night.

Creeper going for a ride in my minecart

Creeper going for a ride in my minecart

Skeletons, zombies, spiders, and creepers, all come out at night. Skeletons shoot arrows at you. Zombies try to eat your brains, spiders bite, and creepers like to sneak up behind you. You know they are there when you hear “Ssssssssssss” like someone has lit a stick of dynamite. That’s your cue to run like buggery because that are casually telling you they are about to blow your arse up! There have been times I haven’t gotten away quick enough and exploded with the creeper.

Now it’s the Endermen that scare me the most. They teleport. They don’t like you looking at them or they go bananas. And by bananas I mean they start screaming. It’s a sound unlike anything you’ve ever heard before. Watch this YouTube video if you are game.

If you tick them off enough, the Enderman will just appear in front of you and start beating the crap out of you. You fight back and they teleport away, and just when you think it’s safe they teleport back to finish you off. I’ve read that you can kill them but so far I haven’t been successful. They have bumped me off first. Jerks.

What I love about the game is the different biomes, different areas like snow, desert, plains, and forest (there are actualy 12 main biomes in the game). I also love the surprise things like villages, and desert temples and the mines. Nothing greater than finding a chest with diamonds in it. Or a saddle and armour for your horse!

I also love how things don’t come easy, e.g. to get carrots or potatoes, you need to either kill a zombie and they drop it as loot, or you find a village and steal theirs. You have to explore your surroundings. You need to set up a base with a bed so that if you die you can respawn in the same place each time, otherwise it’s completely random. Mining is fun. Crafting is fun. Making roller coasters is SO MUCH FUN. Who doesn’t love a roller coaster?

I highly recommend this game. If the idea of the hostile mobs worries you and you have young kids, you can change the setting to peaceful, so hostile mobs don’t spawn. It’s a lot of fun, but it can steal many hours of your day. You have been warned.

Despite me loving this game as much as I do, it is the only game that makes me rage quit. Regularly.

Stupid bloody lava.

I give Minecraft 4 creepers out of 5.

P.S. A really really fantastic Minecraft resource is Minecraft Wiki. It has all the information you need to know about the game including crafting, and information on future updates. I highly recommend bookmarking this site.

P.P.S Check out my friend Wyatt Kane‘s Minecraft videos on YouTube!

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