Star Wars 7

So this morning I wake up to the news that Disney has paid $4.05 billion to purchase Lucasfilm Ltd, the production company behind the Star Wars franchise.

Ok . . .

I don’t really have a problem with this. Well the purchasing part anyway. Stuff like this happens all the time. It’s business! But also part of the news, is that they have announced they are making Star Wars 7.


Now if you don’t want to know what could happen next, then stop reading. I’m seriously about to get my nerd on, and go on a Star Wars rant. Those of you who know me, know I live in a Sith Robe, and align myself with the Sith, not the Jedi. You would also know that I would marry Darth Vader if I could, so it’s no real surprise I’m feeling all passionate about this. Anyway, rant time.

So in Star Wars expanded universe, Han and Leia get married and produce offspring, and even Luke gets married and spawns. Really Luke? Isn’t it one of the Jedi’s things NOT to get entangled romantically with people as it may lead to the Dark Side? Surely you remember what happened to daddy? Ugh. Anyways.

Now I have no idea at what point in the story they all get married and start having kids. I just know it happens. And I also know that in the twins that Han and Leia have, their son Jacen **SPOILER ALERT** goes to the Dark Side. I would love to see how that happens. I loved watching Anakin’s decent towards the Dark Side, which is why Revenge of the Sith is my favourite movie.

But I just . . . I just don’t know. I just don’t know how it’s going to work. Despite the fact I know parts of the expanded universe, in my mind, the movies are done. Anakin Skywalker DID bring balance to the force when he turfed the Emperor over the edge on the Death Star. Return of the Jedi, in my mind, is the end! Besides, isn’t Luke supposed to be the LAST SURVIVING JEDI? After the shit fight that was Attack of the Clones, majority of the Jedi were slaughtered were they not?

Obi-Wan dies in A New Hope, there’s one of the last Jedi’s down. Then Yoda dies. And then that leaves Luke? How is Luke going to bring back the Jedi? Is this what Star Wars 7 is going to be about?

If it is, ok. I can maybe handle that. But here comes another problem. You can’t get different actors to play the main characters. Carrie Fischer with ALWAYS be Leia, Harrison Ford will ALWAYS be Han Solo. And Mark Hamill will always be Luke. It’s just the way it is. Have you seen Mark Hamill lately? The guy looks like Sith. He hasn’t aged well at all. How can you bring him back to play Luke?

You can’t do what they did with the Star Trek reboot. Star Wars has never ever discussed alternate universes. EVER. Star Trek has done. Heaps. So they could get away with doing a reboot and then doing the whole alternate time line because Eric Bana the crazy Romulan changed the past.

But you can’t do that with Star Wars. How are they going to get around that? How are they going to cast Star Wars 7 without all the diehard fans wanting to kill all the things?

I seriously don’t know how this is going to work. People are already cursing George Lucas for the debacle that was Star Wars I The Phantom Menace. Are we going to be cursing George Lucas for selling off to Disney when Star Wars 7 comes out?

But I’m curious. I will be watching the stories on this like a hawk. Waiting for little titbits about story line and characters and casting.

Please don’t make us regret this George. You still owe us big time for introducing us to Jar Jar Binks . . .

11 thoughts on “Star Wars 7

  1. Karen says:

    *deeeeep breath*

    As a kid I loved the original trilogy and I loved Darth Vader’s storyline. I still tear up in Jedi. I never ‘got’ episodes 1-3 though, too much effort. But now as a mum I get a huge kick out of my boys knowing more about the Star Wars universe than I ever will. Their reaction to the new movie was just wonderment – mouths hanging open, eyes blazing, mentally trying to do what you did and see how on EARTH the story could go on!

    So as a mum, I’m excited for them.

    As a concept though, I can only liken it to the Harry Potter books and see how I’d go if Disney decided to whack on a Number 8. Umm…. no. NO NO NO NO NO! If JK Rowling was to write another #8 she’d have to make it a generation or so on from Harry, having him do a quick handover at the start or something. Because it just wouldn’t make sense to pick up where she left off. So I can relate to you thinking the same thing about Star Wars. If all the threads are neatly sewn up, the only way a movie can make sense is to put it waaaaay off in the future when the Force has become all unbalanced again. Or something like that.

    I feel for you, Cuppy. The thought of an 80 year old Chewbacca is just too sad.

  2. jrronimo says:

    First off, I think Disney/whoever has already said something about discarding parts of the EU, if not the universe in its entirety… so they could pretty much make a movie about anything they want. If they consider the Movies to be the One True Canon, then they can get away with it. Fans’ll be super-pissed, but if the movies are truly, actually good, then they’ll be forgiven. Eventually.

    Anyway. a friend of mine mentioned this to me and I think it is an *absolutely fantastic idea*:
    Imagine Mark Hamil as Luke Skywalker in a similar role to Obi-Wan in Ep IV: The old, wizened Jedi passing down the light saber to a new trainee. I’m sold, so long as he does a few outtakes in Joker voice, heh.

    While Luke was the last Jedi, you might remember: “There is another…”. I think in the Extended Universe Leia becomes a Jedi also? I don’t know. But being a Jedi (or Sith) is more about one’s affinity for The Force, rather than genetics… so there could be others out there who have just been born that could have a strong affinity for The Force and thus become new Jedi/Sith to feature in the movies…

    I don’t know. It’s all fan speculation until more details are released… but I am cautiously optimistic. It’s like the X-Files poster: “I want to believe.”

    • iamevilcupcake says:

      First of all, Mark Hamil as the Joker is one of the best voice casting decisions of all time. I LOVE playing Arkham Asylum and City purely to hear him speak. I seriously love it.

      But back to Star Wars. Leia really didn’t show any signs of being force sensitive really did she? I mean she was able to “hear” Luke call for her when they were on Bespin (oh my god I remember way too much), and then when they were discussing the whole “we are brother and sister thing” at the end of Jedi, “somehow she’s always known”. Um. But you pashed your brother. Gross. I don’t know in the EU whether she shows more force sensitivity though. Might have a look.

      If Disney are going to dispense with the EU, surely it would make more sense for them to start again? Start a different line of movies? Why do Star Wars 7? I think the uproar from fans would be too great. And they should listen to us. We are the ones paying for all the merchandise!

      Having said all that, I am still looking forward to seeing where they go with this. Thanks for your comment!

      • jrronimo says:

        Oh I didn’t mean to disparage Hamil’s Joker voice — he’s the /best/ Joker — just that it would be funny to hear The Joker come out of Jedi Master Luke Skywalker, heh.

        No, Leia never really did show any force sensitivity… but with what hints they’ve given her, perhaps it’s something they can train her to recognize and be better with/control?

        I think it makes sense to ditch the EU as it is, but maybe take hints from it. Certainly it makes sense to create an Episode 7 somehow… And I REALLY hope they listen to fans while also working towards making an excellent sci-fi movie. Surely there are screenwriters paid far more than me who make a living doing such a thing, because if I, as a fan, wrote the script, it would pretty much be “Luke Skywalker and Han Solo kick everyone’s ass across the universe something something Force.” :)

        I just *really* hope that Disney sees fit to release unadulterated versions of Eps IV-VI on Blu-Ray before shoving them into the Disney Vault for another 10+ years. More than anything I think /that/ is what fans would want… Well, it’s what /I/ want. :)

      • iamevilcupcake says:

        Apparently too, the whole Chewie and Han bromance ends, because Chewie pays off his life debt or something. Han and Chewie are meant to be together forever! OK. That sounded weird, but you know what I mean right?

  3. An Idle Dad says:

    LOL. Actually they announced a new film EVERY THREE YEARS. Not just Star Wars 7, but 8, 9, 10, etc…

    I don’t see why they’d stick with the Luke & Leia post-Jedi world? They’ll do prequels – that’s where all the big stuff happens anyway.

    Though the Heir to the Empire trillogy WAS pretty fantastic. I don’t think Leia and Han actually marry, but it’s been decades since I grew into an adult and stopped really worrying about Star Wars.

  4. Scurra says:

    The Star Wars movies are the story of Anakin and Luke: nothing else. The universe only exists to tell that story – it falls apart almost instantly as soon as you try to do anything else with it (as the expanded universe stuff has proved over and over again.) As another poster says, it’s kind of like doing more Harry Potter – Rowling’s world was created to tell one story, not to tell hundreds. As soon as you start digging in one of those universes, the lack of solid foundations and absurd inconsistencies become alarmingly evident (and I speak as an avowed retconner who likes to try and make coherent sense of things that were clearly made up as they went along.)

    And let’s be honest here. Even in the original trilogy, Lucas really didn’t have enough material. Return of the Jedi is only about a third of a good movie; the first third is complete padding and the second third is almost as tedious as Frodo & Sam trudging through Mordor… And the last third ties all the threads up so perfectly that there really isn’t anywhere to go anyway.

    So a Star Wars 7? No thanks. I know that originality is a dirty word these days, and that John Carter proved too big a gamble, but surely audiences aren’t so braindead that they need to cling to franchises?

  5. Ireth says:

    Hi!! By chances in life I found your blog, and I laughed a little reading you, that’s the truth!
    I’m addicted to video games and science fiction, pastries and of course, a furry things.
    For all that, and by that I do not think anything good will come out of the new era of Star Wars, I’ll follow you. ^ – ^

    A hug from Spain.

    P.D: Excuse my English ;P

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